Our Philosophy

We believe that each child is unique. Early childhood is a remarkable and critical stage of life when young children learn through exploring their environment, making discoveries, asking questions, and forming an understanding about the world around them. 

We do our best to be sensitive and responsive to children’s interests, needs, and personalities. We make every effort to maximize children’s development and learning by enriching their engagement in meaningful learning experiences as they ask questions and explore their surroundings. 

We encourage children to be active and curious as they construct their individual interpretations of the world, and we work to create an emotionally responsive setting where children learn respect for each other and the world around them.   

We consider a child’s family their first teacher and our goal is to work with families as partners in learning and growing. We encourage an atmosphere where parents and teachers can learn from one another and share what is important to them and value family input in understanding the development and care of their child. 

We believe that children will learn best during their time with us if they have strong, supportive, and nurturing relationships with our staff. We realize our moment-to-moment interactions with children have a profound influence on their development and learning. We also believe that the social relationships children develop through play and peer interaction significantly contribute to their development and learning across the language, cognitive, social, emotional, and physical domains of development. Teachers develop weekly curriculum based on the observed interests and needs of the children that address all aspects of child development across all domains.