Staff Training & Education

Early Childhood Centers of Excellence Business Plan
This document sets forth the business plan for the Santa Fe Community College Early Childhood Center of Excellence, expected to begin phasing in operations in early 2015. The ECCOE will ultimately house six programs as described later in this plan. Establishing the ECCOE will keep SFCC at the forefront of early childhood efforts in the community in coordination with the Mayor’s Children’s Cabinet, the Santa Fe Public Schools, the Baby Fund and the Birth 2 Career (B2C) Initiatives of the Santa Fe Community Foundation, the Early Childhood Development Partnership, and others.

Kids Campus at Santa Fe Community College employs a teaching staff that has the educational qualifications, knowledge and professional commitment necessary to promote children’s learning and development and to support families’ diverse needs and interests.

All teachers and teaching staff are required to hold or be working toward an Associate of Arts degree in Early Childhood Education or a related field, or have earned at least 30 college credits in early childhood education or a related field. Kids Campus’ teachers hold from associate’s to master’s degrees in or related to Early Childhood Education.

Learning Lab

SFCC Kids Campus serves as a learning lab for student learning experiences, faculty research, and community outreach and education. The center partners with Early Childhood, Teacher Education, Nursing and Adult Education.  Each semester, we host over 150 visitors to the Center who spend time observing, conducting assessments, and volunteering in the classroom. 

Kids Campus teaching staff work closely with SFCC’s Teacher Education Program so Kids Campus may serve as an observation, project, practicum and field experience site. If you are interested in pursuing learning opportunities with Kids Campus please contact Michelle Rosen-Hatcher, 505-428-1380 or